We have been using CAD drawings and imagery for years and is now an indispensable tool which helps to bring a designers creativity to life, enabling a client to see their brand new room before the foundations have even been dug! But what if you could take that forward another step and actually visit your bathroom? What would that mean to the client or indeed the designer?

With the help of forward-thinking CAD company Virtual Worlds, we have brought virtual reality into our showroom and made buying a new bathroom a whole different experience.

Virtual Worlds 4D is a powerful technology-led consumer experience. A first for the KBB sector, Virtual Worlds 4D delivers a ground-breaking, interactive virtual reality buying experience.

A futuristic, simulating headset is fundamental to Virtual Worlds 4D; when worn by the customer, it places them centre stage, in their designed bathroom space. Designs in Virtual Worlds 4D appear with unsurpassed depth, scale and parallax, and are capable of creating the excitement and adrenalin rush akin to those experienced by gamers. The 110 degree viewing angle places the customer directly in the room, rather than being on the outside looking in through a screen. The response to eye movement is immediate, facilitating 360 degree head-tracking and interaction with moving elements of the room, including opening cupboards, looking inside drawers and stepping into showers.

Virtual Worlds Viewer App – Walk Around Your Design On Your Mobile

Virtual Worlds Viewer App now available FREE on the AppStore and on Google Play
Virtual Worlds, the market leading interior and exterior 3D design suite from Logicom, just became even better with our new visualisation app – Virtual Worlds Viewer.

3D Interactive walk-throughs of your published designs.
3D Object animation for design features – such as doors and drawers opening
Multiple control interfaces to help you navigate through a design.
Design specific fixed view positions to quickly navigate to chosen features of your design.
Secure, and controlled, access to your published designs held in our cloud.
Cached access to previously viewed designs when an internet connection is unavailable allowing you to visualise your design even when you’re offline.
The viewer app is free to download now at the usual sites.